A Church Security Team Is A Necessity!


It was June 17, 2015, when a young man entered the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC and began a shooting spree, killing 9 innocent worshipers, including the senior Pastor. The young man was apprehended then next day and is currently awaiting trial.


Nine innocent people were killed, but the Church, from my understanding, did not want to have an armed security team during services. What if there were several men/women that wear carrying a concealed weapon and could have stopped the shooter when he brandished his weapon or fired the first shot? What if all licensed conceal carry members were allowed to bring their weapons to church? The scenario would have a different ending. Those seeking to do others harm are more reluctant to do so when they know others can shoot back.


Church Should be a Safe Place


A Church should be a place where anyone may come to worship God or to accept Him as Lord of their life. It should not be a place where saints must worship with one eye opened, suspicious of those around them – especially visitors.


Years ago, people had respect for Christians and Clergy. Those days no longer exist. If a Pastor gives counsel to a spouse or family member that is unacceptable to others, those who did not like the counsel are quick to grab a gun or a knife and head to the Church. This happened many years ago with Pastor John Hagee. In this instance God protected him from harm. However, for the Pastor of Emanuel AME Church, the outcome was drastically different.


Isn’t God Obligated to Protect Christians, Especially in Church?


This mentality, although idyllic, is unrealistic. He did not protect Stephen in Acts 7. He did not supernaturally protect Paul, Peter, John or the other disciples. These triggers a couple of thoughts we should entertain.


  1. God will supernaturally protect when it furthers His end desires.


An example of this would be a situation wherein someone walked into a mall to kill someone. The target was a Christian and hundreds of unbelievers were watching. The targeted Christian publicly rebuked the devil and invoked the power of God.  God could easily, protect His saint supernaturally, as a witness to the non-Christians. The Christian could then use that as an evangelistic moment to share Christ with the on-lookers. I actually know of a similar situation where this happened.


  1. God won’t do for us what we can do for ourselves.


Jesus said the day will come when he that has no sword should sell his coat and buy one (Lk. 22:36). As fathers are expected to protect their family and homes, Pastors should protect their congregations and Churches. A well-trained, armed security team will do wonders for Church members’ peace of mind.


When I was taking the class for my concealed carry permit, the instructor told us a story of many Churches that were being robbed on Sunday mornings. The Pastor, of one Church in the city, asked all of his concealed carry permit members to begin bringing their weapon to church, and that if he ever asked for a “show of arms” they were to hold up their weapons for all to see.


A couple of Sundays later, his Church was targeted. The Pastor was in the pulpit when he saw the sanctuary doors open and two men in trench coats. Before the men could enter the sanctuary, the Pastor loudly proclaimed, “Could I have a show of arms?” Weapons were raised all over the sanctuary. When the robbers at the back of the Church saw all of the weapons, they had second thoughts and exited the premises.


Some Disagree


There are some who feel that the above-mentioned mindset of an armed security team does not demonstrate the message the Church should be exemplifying. Even some idiotic politicians have gone on record as saying if we are ever attacked, when the attackers see we are unarmed, they will lay down their weapons. The young man did not lay down his weapon in the Charleston Church. The man that attacked the Church in Colorado Springs, killing a couple of people, did not lay down his weapon. The difference between the Church shooting incidents is that the Church in Colorado had armed security and casualties were limited. The Church in Charleston did not believe weapons should be in a Church and the shooter did as much damage as possible before exiting the building.


It is a Different Age


Things are not like they used to be. Times and mentalities have changed – including those in the Church.


Pastors, those attending your Church have a right to be protected. You have a right to be protected. I have a friend that pastored in North Carolina. The Sheriff of his county told all of the Pastors to carry a concealed weapon when they preached. That Sheriff apparently knew something the Pastors did not know.


Pastor, you do not need to be a martyr. We need you preaching the Gospel. Get an armed security team in place at your Church, and do not delay.


We Are Looking out for You


At Chitwood & Chitwood it is not just about keeping your financial house in order. We are concerned with every facet of ministry of every Church. We know areas that need special attention and the proper way to address those areas. This is why every Pastor and Church should connect with us today. We know things others do not know.


For guidelines to establish a security team or other questions pertaining to Church operations, every Pastor and Church leader should attend a Church Management and Tax Conference nearest their location. To register, visit us at www.cmtc.org or call 800-344-0076. You will be glad you did.


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