Have you failed to issue the 1099 Form?
Under new law, who do you give 1099 Forms to? Has the limit been changed?

Have you neglected to issue the Pastor/Minister a W-2 Form?
What is the new IRS status on Ministers? How do you handle ministry related expenses? Is it illegal to give the Pastor a car allowance, gas allowance or any allowance? How do you treat the Pastor’s Aid Fund, third Sunday love offerings, birthday and anniversary love offerings, and Christmas gifts?

Are you misusing the Housing and Parsonage Allowance?

How do you maximize housing allowance under new law? What are the four phase steps to the housing allowance? Is it illegal to give a Pastor a housing allowance if they live in a parsonage?

Are you confused about the Charitable Receipting Rules?

Are cancelled checks proof of a donation? How do you comply with and what is the $250 rule (above/below)? What four things can you record on a person’s contribution record? What is the envelope system and how do you use it for all contributions? What is a disclaimer and how do you use it to prevent lawsuits against you and your church? How do you prevent members from laundering money through the church?