Be Careful of the Advice You Choose to Heed


People, all over the world, shop for bargains. Christians and the Church are no different. One of the reasons Christians and Churches do it, is to be good stewards of God’s money. However, when it comes to the advice you receive as to how your Church should be managed, cheap advice is very expensive.


Everyone wants to be an expert on a multiplicity of topics. This is no different on the topic of Church Management. Although many claim to be an authority, the information they share is bogus and could create serious harm for the Church, Pastor, and Church Leaders.


Some Bogus Info


One group which claimed to be an expert told Pastors that they could claim all housing and no salary. Though this is appealing to Pastors because of tax benefits, it will result in huge penalties when that Pastor or Church is audited.


Another, so-called expert is telling Churches and Pastors that the IRS will not get in their business and that they should never worry about intrusion from the Internal Revenue Service.


These two are just a couple which are offering wrong advice to Pastors and Churches.


Pastor, Church Leader, would you allow someone in your pulpit to preach to your congregation without knowing they are spiritually qualified to minister? Of course not. Why would you allow someone to guide you and tend to your Church Management needs who does not have a proven success record?


Chitwood & Chitwood will not use fear tactics, but we will tell you the truth. If the truth frightens you it is because your House is not in compliance.


Why You Can Trust Us


Chitwood & Chitwood has been the Number One Church Management Group in the nation for more than 79 years—spanning 3 generations. We not only are the ultimate expert as it relates to Church Management, we are the only one who litigates, free of charge, any issues generated by the IRS while we are providing you with oversight and Church Management.


In more than 79 years serving Churches and Ministers in the USA, we have never lost a case for those whom we have represented from the beginning. Our legal and accounting staff stays abreast of all IRS issues as they are generated from Washington, D.C.


When your Church, Pastor, and Church Leaders are represented by Chitwood & Chitwood, you can sleep at night with the assurance that the Ultimate Church Firm in America has your back.


It is in the best interest of every Pastor, and Church Leader to attend the nearest Ultimate Church Management and Structure Conference quickly. At our conferences, Pastors and Church Leaders are offered one-on-one onsite consultation as to what would best meet the needs of their Church. Because of the new regulations that will prove to be detrimental to anyone who is not in compliance, it is imperative you attend NOW!


To register, go to or call 800-344-0076 now to reserve your spot at the next conference. This will be the best few hours you have ever invested in ministry. We look forward to seeing you there.