A church that challenged the authority of the IRS was seized by the government on Tuesday to satisfy a $6 million tax debt, with federal marshals wheeling out the former pastor on a gurney as he prayed in protest.

“I pray for you that God will forgive you!” shouted the Rev. Greg J. Dixon, past emeritus of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. “Welcome to communism, America.”

Five church members were inside when 85 federal marshals arrived, supported by 70 city police officers. No one was hurt or arrested, though some church supporters had to be carried out, among them Dixon.

“To have the IRS come in and seize the church’s property, that is an extraordinary event unparalleled in American history. In fact, if the IRS doesn’t collect 6 million dollars for the sale of the assets, code section 6672 allows the IRS to penalize each one of the responsible board members. We certainly have not heard the last of this yet. I hope those board members have the proper legal protection.”

Source: Associated Press