Where would our world and nation be without the great men and women of God that we call Pastor, Rabbi, Priest, Evangelist, and Minister? It has been these individuals that have made a unique and significant contribution in shaping the value system of America. These men and women have caused to occur and continue to exist, the unique pluralistic religious society found only in the United States of America.

According to surveys and studies in this arena, religious practitioners are three times more likely than those not belonging to religious congregations, to be involved in social services, such as feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, caring for the elderly and sick, and providing child care.

Independent studies have determined that Church members provide money, apart from their own expenses, for such services twice that given by all corporations and foundations combined.

In the forefront of these religious congregations are those we call Pastor, Reverends, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, and Ministers. Leading such an awesome group called the Church or Synagogue takes a heavy toll.

Preaching/Teaching Takes Its Toll

According to the Mayo Clinic and the National Church Survey, every hour a Pastor teaches or preaches is the equivalent of 7.2 hours of wear and tear on the physical body. When this is coupled with the fact that 97% of Pastors who retire at age 65 will retire broke and/or sick, it should stir the saints to action.

These are sad statistics for those who have dedicated their lives to bringing balance to a chaotic world while fighting daily to snatch the souls of men and women from the clutches of a fiery hell.

Add to the above the fact that Pastors have one of the highest suicide attempt rates in the USA, and it becomes easy to determine that Clergy are some of the most worked, under-appreciated, and least paid (high salaried TV and mega-church preachers, excluded) of any profession in America. Upon learning these facts, one should be quick to determine that we should do everything possible to protect the integrity, well-being, and life of these men and women of God.

Chitwood and Chitwood, the Premier Church and Clergy professionals in the world, understand the stress, frustration, and turmoil of the life of a Pastor. We have spent more than 77 years protecting Churches and Pastors across the USA. As such, it is our ultimate desire that every Pastor and Minister in the USA fulfill God’s call on their life as healthy and stress free as possible. We long to see Pastors and Ministers retire healthy and have the financial wherewithal to live their remaining days in peace and tranquility.

Understanding the plight of the average Preacher/Pastor in America, we took our case to the Senate and were successful in getting the second Monday in August declared as Clergy Day.

We Value You

Ensuring the well-being of Churches and Ministers across America is not something we take lightly – for us it is our God-called, God-ordained ministry. For more than 77 years we have traveled this nation rescuing distraught Pastors and Churches. Whether it was bringing solace and hope to a Pastor whose 12 year old daughter became pregnant, or working night and day to keep a preacher from IRS criminal charges, we do not rest until we have exhausted every avenue to bring hope to the hopeless and peace to the chaos.

NO ONE is concerned for those in Ministry like Chitwood and Chitwood. I encourage every Pastor, Minister, and Church Leader to do whatever it takes to attend the Church Management and Tax Conference nearest you. Whatever your ministry problem, we can help. Call 800-344-0076 or visit us at www.cmtc.org to register. You will be glad you did.