Everyone who has ever been called to preach has accepted the call of God with the understanding they should be free to preach the Word of God as he or she feels led by the Holy Spirit. So far this has been the case. However, what if that Free Speech guarantee would be removed and replaced with the threat of “Hate Crimes” violations? What stand would Preachers of America take?

Most that I have spoken to have declared their full intention to preach the uncompromised Gospel regardless of any fallout. Unfortunately history teaches that when faced with that reality, some will stand firm, but many will compromise the Scriptures rather than face the consequences, especially if those consequences consist of incarceration.

Recently, a Mayor in the state of Texas demanded for all Pastors and Preachers to surrender their sermons. The reason for the order was to screen the sermons for language that, directly or indirectly, may be considered anti-homosexual or anti-LGBT. It was only after Pastors began to revolt against the ruling, even threatening lawsuits, that the Mayor rescinded the order.

Some claim it was an isolated incident from a homosexual Mayor, but that it could never happen nationally. What if, it was not an isolated incident, but a well-planned strategy to test the proverbial waters? What if there had not been backlash? What if Pastors would have turned over the manuscripts without any signs of discontent? Remember, prayer was removed from public schools in America at the behest of one woman while the Church sat idly by cowering from any public outrage.

This is why Churches, Pastors, and all Ministers of the Gospel should be connected to an organization that can provide proper oversight in all areas. Chitwood and Chitwood provides this service to thousands of Churches and Ministries across the United States. With 77 years of experience we have been there for those in ministry, offering proper oversight and direction so that everyone called into ministry may have the freedom to uncompromisingly preach the Scripture without fear of retribution.

For those that have not done so, it is imperative that you contact us at drshaw@cmtc.org for a comprehensive legal compliance review and so that you may ensure that the Eight Legal Documents necessary for every Church and Ministry are in place.

Chitwood and Chitwood have experienced more than 500,000 Pastors and Church Leaders graduating from our compliance classes. Legal compliance is too vital to shop CPAs and Attorneys. No one can do Church books if they do not know Church law. Do not shop for the rest when you can have the best.

In Closing:

God cannot and will not bless a mess. 1 Corinthians 14:40 declares that “all things” should be done decently and in order. Before some attempt to use a contextual loop hole, let me remind you that Paul did not say, “some things or these things;” he said, “all things.” The Greek word for “decently” means “honest, honestly and the word “order” means “regular arrangement, i.e. fixed succession; official dignity.” Therefore, Churches and Ministers should maintain their Ministries and Churches honestly with official dignity.

Any ministry started wrongly will constantly be dealing with compliance issues until you hire the best to resolve them. If you are a new work or thinking of beginning a new ministry it is always best when you start Church right.

There is no one better equipped to assist Ministers and Churches in this area than Chitwood and Chitwood. We are the ultimate Clergy Tax Law professionals in America. Contact us today.