Why You Need A Specialist Doing Your Church Books


Everywhere you look in today’s society you see the role of specialists. They are everywhere from schools, to businesses, to sports, and even in Churches. Schools use specialists to teach a specific area. For instance in early elementary school a specialist, trained in Early Childhood Education, will teach the same students all day. That specialist is trained in imparting Early Education skills into young minds so they will be able to grasp knowledge in the later grades.


As the kids grow, the students begin to change classes in order to sit under different instructors who specialize in a particular area. As a rule, you do not see an English/Literature teacher teaching Algebra. In College we see this further demonstrated, especially in Math and Science classes. A Calculus professor usually does not teach Geometry, etc.


Specialists in Sports


Many years ago, baseball did not have special people to pitch or hit in certain situations. If it was your time in the rotation to pitch, you pitched the whole game, or if you were being beaten in an important game, the coach or manager would bring in the next in the rotation to finish the game. The same with hitters—if it was your time to bat, you went to the plate and took your swings.


In this modern world of sports we have specialists for everything. Now baseball teams carry special players who only have one role. They have short term relievers in the bullpen along with mid-inning relief pitchers. Some pitchers are brought into the game to pitch to only one hitter. There are batters who do not play in the field. They are designated hitters. Football players use to play offense and defense. That has changed. Now there is a defensive team, an offensive team, and a special team. Some teams go so far as to have one kicker who is used for kickoffs, another for field goals, and yet another when situations demand a punt.


Specialists in Business


Once upon a time in the business world, employees did what had to be done to make the business successful. Now, the same scenarios that are used in sports and education are evident in the business world. Many businesses have people who are specialists in human resources, specialists in accounting, and most of those businesses have those who specialize in customer service, etc.


Specialists in the Church


Church has become no different than other avenues of society. Many Churches now have their specialists.


There was a day, when anyone in the Church would do what needed to be done. I remember when the choir was filled every Sunday with an open invitation from the pulpit. Anyone who wanted to sing in the choir sang. But, even then we had our specialists. These were the more gifted singers who would perform a solo prior to the Pastor preaching the morning or evening message.


If Sunday School classes needed a teacher, any member of the Church was subject to volunteer and teach. The same was true for janitorial and lawn services—everyone in the Church took their turn in cleaning the Sanctuary or cutting the grass.


There Is Nothing Wrong with Specialists


I believe most would agree that the role of specialists have enhanced every area of life. A baseball team, in the final game of the World Series, would not want to have a batter who could not hit the ball, at the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning of a tie game with two outs and the bases loaded.


A business owner would be crazy to allow someone who had absolutely no people skills, working in the Customer Service Department.


Who in their right mind would want a General Practitioner Doctor performing Open Heart Surgery on a loved one?


Specialists spend their time, energy, efforts, and finances, developing skills that apply only to the area of expertise—that is why they are specialists—they know their fields of endeavor better than others.





You Need A Specialist Maintaining Your Church Books


We live in a society of Specialists and the area of Church books and finances is one area that should always use one. Unfortunately many Churches use someone in the Church who is honest and can balance a checkbook. Others use local CPA’s. We understand why each does what they do, however that is not a safe practice for any Church.


There is no way that the person in your Church doing the Church books can possibly remain abreast and knowledgeable of all of the IRS codes and changes to those codes. Local CPA’s are good for small businesses, but they cannot make enough money from a Church to stay abreast of the changing IRS regulations that apply to Churches and non-profits. The person doing your Church books may know just enough to get the Pastor and the Church in deep trouble with the IRS.


Why You Need Chitwood & Chitwood


Chitwood & Chitwood has maintained oversight of Church books and records for almost 79 years. With thousands of Church clients and three quarters of a century experience, there is no one in the USA that can do what we do. We are the Ultimate Firm in the nation for Church books and records.


Our staff specializes in Church Management and Accounting. We know the IRS and what they look for. With Chitwood & Chitwood maintaining your Church financial books and records you have the specialists you need, especially when the “game” is on the line—we do not strike out! WE ARE THE BEST!


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