Why You Need Us More Than Ever


Within the halls of both Houses of Congress in our Nation’s Capital are lobbyists who are busily attempting to influence the House and Senate in favor of their clients. This has been part of the political process for years.


Although we do not have a professional lobbyist in Washington, D.C. we work diligently with representatives, doing everything within our power, to ensure that there is a voice for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. With current court rulings in some “close-to-home” issues for Pastors, Chitwood & Chitwood are diligently fighting these decisions on behalf of Pastors and Churches all across the USA.


Judge Barbara Crabb of the District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin once again struck down the ministerial housing allowance as an unconstitutional preference for religion. This is currently pending an appeal to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. We will keep our Churches and Pastors abreast of future actions in this important Ministry matter.


In May of 2016, President Obama had issued an order requiring non-ecclesiastical, salaried employees to receive minimum compensation of $47,460.00 per year. We relentlessly saw this through to a satisfactory solution when a Federal Judge in Texas ruled it unconstitutional.


These are just two of the many areas that we took to task for Pastors, Ministers, and Churches across America.


A Friend You Can Count On


This is not something that Chitwood and Chitwood just started. We have been diligently working for Pastors, Ministers, and Churches for more than 79 years! The reason? For us it is “A Ministry – Not A Job!”


Just as Pastors have been called to preach the Gospel, win sinners to Christ, and be a Shepherd for the “flock,” we have been called to make sure that the job of the Pastor and Minister, and the function of the Church does not get bogged down with the minutiae that the world attempts to lay at the feet of the Church, which will keep Church and Pastor from fulfilling the Great Commission.


Friends are a unique bunch that comes in all types of packaging. There are the fair weather friends who are there for you during the good times. There are the friends that are “need-based” friends and are connected to you because of what you may do for them. As long as you can help them they are by your side. Then there are the real friends. These are friends who are not only with you during the good times, but also during the bad. This is Chitwood and Chitwwod. We have stood with more Pastors, Ministers, and Churches during financial and/or tax crises than any other Church Financial Firm in the USA. If you are our clients, we don’t lose. If you are not, but connect with us after the fact, we stay by your side through thick and thin, fighting diligently for your vindication (It is much easier and cheaper for us to keep the IRS from you than it is to get them off of you).


This is why we are unique in what we do! There are many copycats in America, but only one original. It is like an artist’s painting – he has the original from which many prints are made. The print may be okay, but it does not have the value of the original. In the art world only one person may own the original, while the rest settle for a copy. However, with Pastor, Minister, and Church finances, everyone can have the original – Chitwood and Chitwood. Why settle for a copy, when the original is at your fingertips?


In Closing


For years I have lived by an old proverb: “You are stuck with family, but you can choose your friends.” You will choose us because of our reputation, our quality of work, and because no situation is too hard for us – we are the best and will not leave you.


As the New Year is ushered in, every Pastor and Minister should make the change they know they need to make for their ministry and their Church. Do not go through 2018 without us in your corner.


Call 800-344-0076 NOW to connect with the only Church and Clergy tax and financial specialists in America that have the accolades that have been awarded us. Our guarantee is that we will not leave you, but work above and beyond to make sure your ministry, your Church, and your personal finances remain in compliance and worry free.