One New Year’s Resolution that You 

Should Make and Keep


Over the next few days, people will be making New Year’s resolutions around the world. While, for many it is just something we do, there are some resolutions that should be made and kept. In addition to people making the resolutions, there are some Pastors, Ministers, and Church Leaders that should make at least one, and keep it. Everything may hinge upon it.


The reason this is a good time to make the resolution, is because statistics show that those who explicitly make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year are 10 times more likely to keep them, than those who do not.


Make One that Matters


Of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2015, most were admirable, such as, losing weight, getting organized, keeping fit and healthy, etc. However, some resolutions are emotional vanity and are probably the reason they are never kept.


If we are going to make them, why not make them about something of significance, and then diligently pursue avenues to bring them to fruition.


At the top of every Pastor, Minister, and Church Leader’s list should be the resolution to get the financial books of your Church in order. God does not bless a mess. Yet, to look at some Church books, one wonders why God has tolerated it this long?


A Good Foundation


The Bible tells a parable about two men. One built a house upon sand and the other built his upon a rock – a solid foundation. A severe storm came and demolished the house on the sand, but the one built upon the solid foundation remained.


If we were to take that parable and apply it to Church finances it would be evident that many Churches have been built upon sand rather than upon a solid foundation. Scripture instructs us that money answers all things (Ecc. 10:19). It takes money to do ministry. Could it be that the reason many Churches in the USA struggle financially is because they have been reckless stewards with God’s money and His records?


God is very disdainful when we mishandle or mistreat His house. According to the Old Testament Minor Prophet Haggai, God invokes serious consequences when these things occur. He told us that if we would not be diligent with His house, when we look for a lot we will only get a little and when money does come in it is like putting it in a bag with holes (Hag. 1).


Could this be why so many Churches rely on fund raisers to pay their monthly obligations? Could this be why so many Churches’ incomes and attendance never grow?

God cannot bless a mess. I had a Pastor argue that point with me in a seminar. He said that the statement was a lie because God had blessed his Church. However, the more I spoke with him the more naive I realized he was. His Church barely made it week-to-week financially; it had been a long time since anyone had accepted Christ; and it had been several months since anyone had joined his Church. When the demise comes slowly, we are like a frog in a pot that has the heat gradually increased. We are destroyed and do not even realize that it happened.


If God was to bless a mess it would be the same as Him declaring that sin is okay, and that He will not do!


Improper Stewardship


Refusing to be diligent with God’s money and His financial records is not good stewardship. It is really a slap in God’s face that tells Him that what matters to Him does not matter to us. If any financial records should be in order it should be those of Pastors and Churches. We are the examples to the sinners, whether or not we want to be.


What kind of example is displayed to the non-Christian when audits of Church records reflect money mismanagement and financial abuse, or at the least, sloppiness?


Let 2016 be the year that you change your mentality on Church books. Some will make the excuse they cannot afford to, but I submit that you cannot afford not to.


In Closing


This year Chitwood and Chitwood will conduct about 150 Church Management and Tax Seminars across the USA. Thousands will attend. Some will choose to stop their mismanagement of God’s financial records and thousands will continue the path they are on – purposely choosing to be bad stewards of God’s money.


I would submit to those reading this blog that you give God a try. If you get your Church finances in order, God may very well begin to open heaven over you and your ministry.


Contact us at 800-344-0076 or visit our website, and register for a Conference in a city nearest you. However, if you do not want to wait, call now and tell the administrator that you are ready to retain Chitwood and Chitwood, the number one Church and Minister Accounting firm in the world.


You may not have any seconds to waste. The IRS is closing in on Churches like never before. If they get you before you get us, it will be devastating. Do not gamble with your ministry and your people. You have too much invested.


We are awaiting your call. Remember, for us it is “A Ministry – Not A Job!”