The Perfect Storm May Cost Your Church Millions


There is a huge problem within the Church world in the USA. Many within the Church population feel as if they never have to worry about any form of Government intrusion to Houses of Worship. Many want to hold to an unconstitutional mindset that there is such a thing as Separation of Church and State. That idea was included in the writings of the Federalist Papers, not the Constitution. With that said, the Government is quick to use it for as long as it is only for their benefit.


Then there is the group that thinks because they are Christian that they are totally protected by God from any Government infringement against them or their Church. I was teaching a Clergy Tax and Law Conference in Memphis. There was a Church Bookkeeper in attendance whose books were so far out of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Compliance, that should she be audited she would spend many years in a Federal Prison. When I asked her how she was going to fix it, her reply was, “I am going to pray and God will not let anything happen to me.” There is nothing wrong with prayer, but prayer cannot protect someone who is purposely violating the laws of the land (Rom. 13:1-3).


Churches Must Obey the Law


There are thousands of pages in the IRS code that apply to Churches and Ministries in some fashion. Our new President sent a communiqué to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and told him to begin to enforce the laws that are on the books and DO NOT seek light sentences for the accusers. This communiqué also applies to any laws affecting Churches.


One TV Minister has recently been indicted and the Ministry offices of another were recently raided by the IRS, Federal Marshals, and Postal Service Police. The law will be enforced and your prayers will not prevent that when you are violating those laws.


It is simple—get your Church books in order or go to prison.


The Perfect Storm


With all three branches of Federal Government controlled by one Party, tax reform is on the horizon. According to an article in the Washington Examiner in 2016, the IRS code was almost 75,000 pages at the end of 2015. When you calculate the exponential growth demonstrated over the past 30 years of the tax code, you would determine that the tax code is now almost 85,000 pages. Anyone with common sense can agree that the IRS code needs reforming.


The only problem with proposed reformation is that many in Congress and Senate desire to see changes that will detrimentally affect charitable contributions. Although most givers say they do not give for the tax-deduction credit, credible polls prove otherwise.


As many Churches across the nation struggle to meet their weekly budgets (because only 11% of the Church gives tithe), what would happen if the meager percentage of tithers are further reduced in number because they no longer are afforded tax-deduction credit?


It Is Time for the Church to Get Its Head out of the Sand


Changes for Churches and Ministers are on the horizon—both criminally and budgetary. To deny those changes and not comply will hasten the downfall of much needed ministry in the USA.


Prayer will not cover those that are in rebellion to the Word of God. Holding to the false understanding of “Separation of Church and State” will not help you. If Churches and Ministers are to survive and be the awakening force to this nation, we must obey the law and bring our Churches and Ministries into IRS compliance. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BE CAUGHT IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW!!!


We Can Help


For more than 79 years Chitwood & Chitwood has protected Churches and Ministries against assaults by the IRS. WE ARE THE BEST!!! It is in the best interest of every Pastor and Church Leader to attend the next Church Management and Tax Conference nearest their location. For upcoming locations and to register, please visit us at or call 800-344-0076.  THIS IS ONE SEMINAR YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS!