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Our new podcasts, “The Call Starts HEAR” is the go-to resource for church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders looking to protect what God has called them to lead.

This is Episode One of The Call Starts HEAR . The pros & cons and ins & outs of tax exempt status are discussed. Understanding and comprehending the legal definitions. While churches are considered tax-exempt without officially applying for 501(c)(3) status, the implications of not obtaining 501(c)(3) approval are often misunderstood and can be costly. The problem is misinformation churches rely on concerning applying for 501(c)(3) exemption. In this podcast, we will expose this misinformation and provide you with the major benefits of obtaining formal 501(c)(3) recognition. We begin to discuss what steps you need to take and the requirements needed to qualify for 501(c)(3) status.

This is Episode Two of The Call Starts HEAR . Every minister will forever remember the day they were ordained through the local church; it is a life-giving experience for both the ministry and the minister. Yet many ministers are unaware that their ordination may not stand legally should it be challenged by the government. In today’s podcast, we discuss the importance of making sure that your ordination is legal. You will learn the key benefits of being legally ordained as well as some misinformation concerning ordinations. We will explain how to know if you’re legally ordained and how to properly establish an ordination program in your local church.

This is Episode Three of The Call Starts HEAR . In today’s podcast, Dr. Chitwood breaks down when love offerings are taxable and when they are not. We will also walk you through how you should handle love offerings moving forward. A true “gift” must meet several criteria to constitute a nontaxable event. The gift must be detached, disinterested, spontaneous and arise from the generosity of the person making the gift. Although “love and affection” may be recited as the basis for a gift in many circumstances, and such a gift may meet these guidelines, gifts may be taxable if there is a relationship of services or employment.

Today Dr. Michael Chitwood and the invited guests discuss the real status is of a minister. Dr. Chitwood explains the dual status of a minister. This is a topic that Chitwood & Chitwood receives 100’s of questions about. Most preparers do not understand the Minister status for eligibility for tax deductions purposes. It is very important for Pastors/Churches/Ministers to seek the expertise of a firm that is experienced in this area. Chitwood & Chitwood have been helping Pastors for 80 years!

In Episode Five the CMTC team answers the question, “What Is The Process Of Applying For A 501(c)(3) Exemption”. It is necessary to complete form 1023. Dr. Chitwood stresses the importance of this form being completed properly and why it should not be attempted on your own. Generalized answers are not sufficient. In order to receive the recognition and approval you must provide adequate answers to past, present and future activities to prove your exemption.