Religious Freedom Attacked Again—Could Your Church Survive


In Philadelphia, four members of Repent America – with police approval – were arrested for preaching on a public sidewalk. They were preaching, distributing Gospel literature and carrying banners with Biblical messages near “Outfest” a homosexual event.


The radical homosexual activists, Pink Angels, surrounded the group, holding up large pink symbols of angels to cover up the Christians’ messages and they blew high pitched whistles to drown out their preaching. Rather than arrest the homosexual activists who were infringing on the First Amendment Free Speech rights of the Christians, the police arrested and jailed the Christians. The Christians were charged with eight crimes, including three felonies: possession of instruments of crime (a bullhorn), ethnic intimidation (proclaiming homosexuality is a sin) and inciting a riot (reading from Scripture some passages relating to homosexuality).


Fortunately, the Christians won their case in court.


Anti-Christian Climate Encircles the Globe


In Canada, House of Commons introduced a bill that defines speaking or preaching against homosexuality as a hate crime. Their bill would therefore define Biblical references against homosexuality as a hate crime, punishable by imprisonment.


In January 2017, Pastor Kim Burrell found herself in hot water after her homosexuality comments during her sermon. She stated: “That perverted homosexual spirit, in the spirit of delusion and confusion, has deceived many, many men and women.”


In July 2017, Gordon Larmour was charged by police after telling a homosexual teenager the story of Adam and Eve and preaching Gods views on homosexuality. Mr. Larmour, a street preacher, was accused of threatening or abusive behavior “aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation,” and despite any form of offensive language, was hauled off to jail. Fortunately, he was also cleared of wrong doing.



In Vermont Rev. Paul Horner, a Pastor of the Christian Proctor Church, was sentenced to one year in Federal prison after he refused to marry a gay couple.


Just a few days ago, the California General Assembly passed Assembly Bill 2943 which will make sales of the Bible and Biblical based teaching illegal in California. Although, some have said it does not affect what someone preaches or how we pray for someone, the bill may easily be used to ban the sales of the Bible, Biblical Teaching, and any preaching that would be anti-homosexual. Any court in California would uphold that interpretation of that bill as it is written.


Protect Yourself and Your Church NOW!


With the ungodly tide that is sweeping the globe, Pastors, Ministers, Church Leaders and Churches must act now to protect themselves against the onslaught of this demonic trend. Every Church MUST update their bylaws and ensure they include proper legal language and ample Scripture to defend the Scriptural beliefs of that local Church.


Your bylaws must include a wordy Scriptural Conduct Living Provision section and should be backed up by eight legal documents signed by every member. Pastors, Ministers, and Church Leaders can go to this link now: If you do not get these, get to an attorney and have them drafted for your Church. But, remember, whether you use ours or have an attorney draft some for you, get every Church member to sign them.


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