Social Security – America’s Biggest Scam


Many Americans, including Clergy rely upon the Government’s retirement system known as Social Security Retirement. It never ceases to amaze me at the people, including Pastors and Ministers who feel that the Federal Government can manage the Pastors’ money better than they can manage their own.


Our Government is about 19.3 trillion dollars in debt. If you add in all of the other liabilities not included in the national public debt and Social Security and Medicare entitlements to which it is obligated, that amount is quickly approaching $100 trillion. Just the official debt of $19.3 trillion is 553 percent of the nation’s annual income. There is not an individual in America, especially Pastors and Ministers who would be considered financially responsible if their personal or Church budget was 553 percent of the income.


How can we, in Godly conscious, allow ourselves to pay into a Retirement System that is so grossly mismanaged?


The Scam


Social Security Retirement is the only retirement program in the world that dies when the person dies. Once the retiree dies, no one, including family can receive the funds paid into the system. A spouse may draw a deceased husband or wife’s retirement at a reduced rate, but cannot receive the deceased’s Social Security and their own entitlement. It is a scam.


The Social Security Administration purposely sets the monthly entitlement amount so that the retiree would have to live to be 117 years of age in order to draw out all that had been paid into the system. This does not account for money that is paid in after the retiree begins drawing his or her Social Security Retirement.


The average worker pays into the system for 45 years at an average of $14,400 per year. That is $648,000.00 paid to his or her Social Security Retirement. However, the average retiree only lives 13 years after retirement and only receives an average of $16,300.00. At this calculation the average retiree only receives $211,900.00 of the $648,000.00 he or she contributes to the program. The remaining $436,100.00 goes into Government coffers and is spent without accountability. Get out while you can.


Opt Out Now


The Federal Government is looking for ways to remove this benefit for Ministers. They do not want to lose this unaccounted cash flow. Just as they have taken away other Clergy benefits, this one will not survive forever and will some be a memory of days gone by.


In order to opt out a Minister must have ordination credentials that are legally recognized. Those credentials cannot be more than 2 years old at the time of filing and the Minister must perform sacerdotal duties.


How We Can Help


We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be ordained. The Bible declares that Christians are Ministers (2 Cor. 5:18) whether or not we want to be. This does not mean that every Christian is called to preach – God must do that, but until He does, if He does, He has called us all to be Ministers.


If God says you are one, why do you not have Credentials to support what God says you already are? The International Congress of Churches and Ministers (ICCM) is the largest, fastest growing, ordaining fellowship in the World. Our Credentials are legal for God’s purposes, but also for Federal Tax purposes.


Once you become ordained, you may contact our offices and we will file the paperwork for you (for a very nominal fee). We will get you opted out of America’s biggest scam – Social Security Retirement.


Contact us at or call 800-854-5891 to begin the ordination process. Visit our website or call 800-344-0076 to register for a Church and Clergy Management Tax Conference in a city nearest you to learn more about this and other Church tax issues that the Government does not want you to know.


Remember for us “It is a Ministry – Not a Job!”