The Pastor’s Greatest Enemy May Be Someone within His Church


Pastors are focused on the Adversary, the devil, as the one whom they see as the greatest threat to their ministry and their Church. While Satan is an enemy that all of us should be aware, he is a defeated foe. The enemy to fear is probably not those of the spirit world, but those belonging to the world of the flesh – Church members or regular attendees.


Pastors are often naïve when it relates to those who regularly attend their Churches.


Tolerated – not Celebrated


Scripture teaches us to celebrate the men and women of God whom God has chosen to set over us. However, this is not the case among many Churches in America. Several reasons are probably to blame for this. One of those reasons is the exorbitant lifestyles that some Ministers portray.


I am not against a Pastor that is blessed. I believe it is the Scriptural responsibility of the Church to bless the Pastor, but not at the point when it is irresponsible.


Another reason that Church members tolerate Pastors, instead of celebrating them, is because some Pastors live an entirely different lifestyle than what they preach. Sheep are to be led – not driven.


The Church member that shouts at our sermons today may be the one that becomes our biggest enemy. Some 21st Century Christians do not seem to be as dedicated to a Church and Pastor as in members were in the past.


Those who tolerate us rather than celebrate us are fickle enough to be swayed by anything that upsets their proverbial apple cart. When this happens, the anger will drive the angry member into taking action against the man of God whom they should have been honoring.


Hatred breeds actions that prove destructive.



Pastors Are Reported by Angry Members


Angry Church members have resorted to making claims to the Internal Revenue Service against their Pastors and Churches. Some of these claims have merit and many do not. The hatred level is demonically motivated to bring down the Ministry.


Are Pastors perfect? No. Are some of them doing things they should not do? Yes. Does this give anyone the right to cause trouble for the Pastor? No! Scripture admonishes us to touch not God’s anointed nor to do harm to His prophets. Apparently, some Church members have no fear of God.


God has never given anyone the right to take matters into their hands as it relates to His anointed servants.


Across America, I am experiencing a large number of Pastors who are being reported to the IRS for any rewards that may be offered. Whether the members’ allegations are true or not is not relevant. If the Pastor has done something he or she should not have done, God will deal with them. It is not our responsibility.


The Pastors’ only Hope


One angry member can bring a successful ministry to a screeching halt simply by making accusations, regardless of their accuracy. The IRS is auditing Churches all across America – closing many and even imprisoning Pastors.


Those whom you think have your back may be the very ones who will bring destruction to your ministry.


The only hope a Pastor can count on is to know that his or her Church records are completely in compliance. The Church member or the local CPA cannot offer this assurance. Someone that knows Church Tax and Law must oversee the Church financial records if we are to have that assurance.


Let Us Help


Chitwood & Chitwood has 78 years of experience in protecting Churches and Clergy. We know all that is necessary to assure Church compliance with existing IRS laws. We are the ultimate organization in this area. No one knows this information or has the expertise we have.


It is imperative for everyone reading this to register to attend the Church Management and Tax Conference in a city nearest them. To register, visit or call 800-344-0076. You will be glad you did.


For us, this is “A Ministry – Not a Job!”