In the average Church in the USA, the budget, excluding outreach ministries, is usually more than 80% of the income. This leaves very few funds for any type of ministry. What could any Pastor accomplish if money was no problem?


No More Fund Raisers


When Churches in the USA experience budget shortfalls, most of them will resort to some type of fund-raisers. For some it will be the proverbial “chicken dinners.” Others may resort to carwashes, or Church pictures. Regardless of the methods, the issue is the same – the Church needs money and this is the way they plan to obtain it.


First of all Churches should be leery of fund-raisers. Fund-raisers are considered as Unrelated Business Income (UBIT), and as such, are subject to income tax. Most Churches that engage in them do not file the subsequent 990-T to properly report the UBIT and have placed themselves in danger that far exceeds a temporary budget shortfall.


Second, the Federal Government has trillions of dollars they want to give away to more than 1400 programs. Many of these programs could be best fulfilled by Christians, operating from local congregations.


Unfortunately, many Churches will continue to live Sunday-to-Sunday, praying everyone attends and pays their tithes so the budget can be met. Then those same Churches complain about the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals, and Transgenders) agenda that is sweeping America. What is really sad is that LGBT did it primarily with Government money – your and my tax dollars. They obtained grants to promote their agenda. Although I vehemently disagree with their lifestyle, one must give them credit for taking the initiative to get the money.


When You Know the Secrets You Can Get the Money


  • Establish a Community Development Center or Educational Development Center


This must be a non-profit organization apart from the Church and must have its own 501 (c) (3). Do Not apply a spiritual or churchy name to this organization – keep it neutral.

  • Know and apply to the proper Government Agency


Each Government agency has money available to further their cause within the USA. This is why it is imperative that your mission statement be aligned with the mission statement of the agency to which you are applying.



  • Know the language


The Government speaks its own language. To obtain their services you must be able to speak the language. If not, you will more than likely be turned down by the Grant Funder.


I have only mentioned three of the many things that are vital to obtaining Government money and space does not allow me to elaborate. However, there is help.


Chitwood and Chitwood has been getting grants for Churches and Ministries for years. No one does it better than us. In our 77 years of operation we have learned how to make it happen and we know how to make it happen for you.


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