You Have Probably Overpaid the IRS!

Tax season is officially upon us. The old adage is that there are only two things certain in this life: taxes, and death. For some it seems there is not much difference between the two. Tax season this year does not have to be a year of frustration, but can actually be pleasant with the proper assistance.

As a rule, there are basically, two types of individual taxpayers. One is the quick filer; the other is the procrastinator. The quick filer is anxious to get the return filed immediately so that he or she can get the quick refund. The procrastinator waits until the filing deadline for fear he or she will have to pay, and the longer they can hold on to their money, the better they feel.

Both of these are wrong mindsets to filing. Both file according to their lack of knowledge on income tax returns.

Tax return season is usually no fun for the average filer. It is a hassle. However, the last thing any filer should do is take the mindset that quicker is better. Quickly filing one’s taxes as early as possible is not the most effective way to go. Most early filers are those who take the standard deduction and usually results in a smaller refund. A federal study conducted over several years shows that 2.2 million taxpayers who filed the easy way, by taking the standard deduction, overpaid their taxes by nearly $1 billion!

Why Give the IRS a Hefty Payout?

Taxpayers who take the standard deduction pay the IRS an average of $438.00 more than those who itemize. Quick filing and taking the standard deduction (up to $12,600.00) seems to be the fast, efficient, easy way to get the quick refund check. The IRS does everything for a reason. By taunting the taxpayer with the $12,600.00 standard deduction and quick filing, they know it will result in lower refunds and keep more money in the government coffers. According to the General Accounting Office study, 2.2 million taxpayers overpaid the government more than $1 billion.

By simply taking the time to gather all legal deductions and itemizing, the average return will increase. The study completed by the General Accounting Office determined that simply taking three main deductions, mortgage interest, state income or local sales tax, and charitable contributions, many of those 2.2 million taxpayers could have drastically reduced their tax liability and would have resulted in greater refund checks.

Itemizing may be more of a hassle than taking the standard deduction, but isn’t it worth the effort if it can increase the size of your deduction?

Isn’t It Time to Get Your Money Back?

The reason many do not want to itemize is due to the frustration and pressure it brings upon the filer. This does not have to be the case. By using a certified tax professional, the hassle and frustration can be eliminated. If you have filed standard deduction in the past, determine that 2016 will be different.

With a qualified tax professional, not only can the taxpayer recognize a bigger return, but that tax professional can also review your past three returns. The tax professional can file amended returns for those years and recover any over payments that you have made.

Do not allow the IRS to keep your portion of the $1 billion that has been overpaid.

Why You Need Us

Chitwood & Chitwood is the number one tax preparer in the nation for Clergy. Last year our dedicated staff completed several thousand tax returns. Our knowledge resulted in the average Pastor, Evangelist, and Minister getting a much larger refund than those clergy who used local tax preparers or who self-filed.

We know of deductions, which tax preparation firms nor the individuals, are aware. Our more than 77 years of experience has elevated us to the status of premier Clergy tax professionals in America.

Your choices are simple. You can continue to rush your filing, taking the standard deduction, and giving the IRS more than you owe, or you can contact Chitwood & Chitwwod and let us look out for your best interests by using every legal deduction to which you are entitled.

This year can be your best filing year ever with us in your corner. Contact us at 800-344-0076 or visit us at for your free Minister’s Income Tax Guide and let us go to work for you.

For Chitwood & Chitwood this is “A Ministry – Not A Job!”