Authenticity is the Key

She walked into my friend’s Church and cautiously observed everything about the service—especially how the saints were dressed and how they acted during the service. When service was over, Pastor Ed greeted her to hear these words: “I used to be a prostitute, but recently accepted Christ. I have attended several Churches over the past few weeks, but in all of them, I could not tell any difference between the Church people (how they dressed and acted) and the sinful world of prostitution from which I was delivered. However, your Church and people act and dress like they have an authentic relationship with God. I will be attending your Church now.” When Pastor Ed asked her why the Church attire was so important to her she responded, “Why should I become a part of something that looks exactly like that from which I have been delivered?”

The biggest threat to Churches and the power of God in those Churches is not a lack of desire for a spiritual experience. Every human is born with an innate desire to worship. Apparently many have yet to find it in Church. The biggest threat for Churches in America is a lack of authenticity.

People are Leaving Churches by the Thousands

According to a recent study, only about 40% of those claiming to be Christian attend a local Church. You can ask several non-attendees and you will receive that many answers as to why they no longer attend. Some will say they don’t fit in. Others will offer the excuse that they have been hurt in Church. Some will complain that all the Church wants is money. The excuses are almost endless.

However, when the study delved deep into those reasons, a shocking discovery was revealed. It seems that most of those who did not attend, especially the younger generation, did not attend because the Church and Christians did not seem authentic.

It seems as if we preach that God will change our lives when we accept Him as Savior, yet so many of the Church membership are still living as they did when they were not a Christian. Pastors preach that God still heals the sick, yet most could not pray away a headache. We preach God will break addictions in our lives, yet more than 60% of Church membership is still addicted to something.

What it Means to Be Authentic

One definition of authenticity is “A Characteristic of something created by the entity represented as its Creator, and preserved in its original form without any falsification or tampering.” Another source defines it as: “undisputed credibility; genuine, pure, real, accurate, truth, dependable, trustworthy.”

Is the modern Church authentic or have we resorted to using smoke and mirrors as a substitute for His Glory, entertainment in the place of legitimate praise and worship, and motivational feel-good speeches in the place of a real message from God?

Another question we should ask ourselves is how are we with God’s money? Do we demand our members to give their tithes and offerings when many Pastors do not practice this? Do we demand they be good stewards with that which God has blessed them, yet the Churches look for ways to disobey compliance laws as set forth by our Federal Government? Scripture teaches, “Whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking them all” (James 2:10 TEV). The old saints used to say it like this: “He that is guilty in the least, is guilty in all.”

It could be that your Church is struggling financially because you have not been a good steward of God’s financial books and records, and your Church is out of compliance with IRS and Federal Regulations. Romans 13:1-6 basically demands that we obey the laws of the land. Even Jesus said, “Render to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. . .” Looking for loopholes in attempts to disobey the laws of our land is just as sinful as looking for loopholes in Scripture to justify our sin.

Why You Need Us!

We are the nation’s authority on Church Management and, IRS and Federal compliance. We have brought thousands of Churches into compliance and watched as God began to bless those Churches for the good stewardship of His books and financial records.

Every Pastor, Pastor’s Spouse, and Church Leader must attend the nearest Church Management Conference immediately. You do not have time to waste because not only is Uncle Sam watching, most importantly God is watching. GOD WILL NOT BLESS A MESS!

At these conferences we will show you what to do to get your House of Worship in order and offer keys as to how to become authentic to make an impact in this generation.

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