Lack of Tithes and Offerings Doesn’t Have to Limit Your Ministry


John had one of the greatest visions for ministry in his community that I had ever heard spoken by any new Ministry. He knew once he planted his Church and shared the vision in the community that people would flock to the new Church and be faithful in their attendance and financial support. Pastor John was partially right. People were excited about the vision and did attend his Church, but the financial support was not forthcoming.


Pastor John learned what so many before him had, and that was just because God gave him a dream and vision for ministry in his community did not mean “Christians” would support it financially.


Pastor, how could you preach, how well could you impact your community, what kind of ministry could you accomplish, if money was not an issue.


Every Pastor and Evangelist accepts the call of God upon their life in hopes of making an impact for the Kingdom of God. Every new church plant begins with the idea it will offer something to the community not offered by existing churches. But, there usually is a problem.


The Problem


According to a 2018 report by 247 million U.S. citizens claim to be Christian, yet only 99 million (40%) attend Church. The news gets worse when they were asked how many tithed. Of the 247 million claiming to be Christian only 1.5 million (.6%) give tithes. If you recalculate the numbers to only account for the 99 million who attend Church only 1.5% gives tithe to their Church.


This is why most Pastors’ vision for ministry never materializes. 1.5% is not enough to pay the bills, and definitely not enough to do ministry. Many Churches must engage in monthly fundraisers just to pay the bills and keep the Church doors open.


I am familiar with a Church in a little community in North Carolina that has about 60 influential people—people of finances, attending the Church, yet to fund any projects the Church relies on a couple of dinners each month to raise the money for those projects. The same influential people who attend, but will not support their Church with tithes and offerings flock to the Church on the nights the chicken dinners or spaghetti suppers are offered. They will spend $20 to eat spaghetti but won’t give God’s tithes to the Church.


Don’t Be Held Hostage


If every Christian attended a local Church and every Christian tithed, there would be enough money to change the moral decline of our nation. Crime would decrease, school shootings would become almost non-existent, and the family unit in this nation would thrive. One Pastor stood before his congregation one Sunday and declared, “We have all the money we need to do everything we need to do in this Church. The only problem is it is still in your pockets.”


Unfortunately, those who do not tithe may never do so, yet they will continue to expect the local Church and local Pastor to be there for them in times of crisis. Since it would take a major miracle for God to touch the hearts of those stealing his money to repent and do what is right, the Pastor and Church must find a way to get necessary dollars to fund the ministry vision to which God has called them.


Money is available from sources all across the nation which a Pastor and Church can access to fund their ministry vision. Pastors and Church Leaders, you just need to learn where it is and how to get it.


Why You Need to Attend the Next Church Management Seminar


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Stop praying for God to send a millionaire into your Church, and start acting on what He has placed at your disposal. You will either attend these conferences and learn how to never be held hostage to lack of tithes and offerings again, or you will continue to struggle with the meager amount given each Sunday and continue to have your monthly fundraisers to pay the bills.


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