Everything You Need Is In the House


According to some statistics, more than eighty percent of American Churches have some type of fundraiser or other methods on a monthly basis for the purpose of paying the bills and doing ministry. How can this be Biblical? Is not God obligated to fund the projects He institutes? If God will not or cannot fund the ministries to which He has called Pastors and Evangelists, it is a very bad testimony of our God to the lost world.


As the prophet taught the Widow woman when he asked her the question, “What do you have in the house?,” we are instructed that everything we need is at our disposal. If this is true, and it is, then why do so many Churches struggle?


God’s Plan


God has a plan to fund ministry. This plan, when instituted and obeyed always works. Unfortunately, most Churches and most Ministers will not follow it. The plan is simple—it is tithes and offerings.


When everyone in the Church, members and Pastors, tithe and give an offering every service that Church will never worry about finances—there will always be enough money to perform every function and ministry that God ordains for that house.


As I have searched the Scriptures for more than 35 years, I have never found an instance where God commanded his people to conduct a fundraiser so the people could carry out the ministry instructions God had given them. He has not changed. The problem is that we have changed.


The Problem


Less than twenty percent of Church families tithe. Add to that statistic the fact that less than eleven percent of Pastors tithe. Is it any wonder that Churches struggle? How could you live day-to-day if only twenty percent of your physical body functioned or contributed to your day-to-day life? You couldn’t, yet the Church is a body that is expected to do just that. Therefore, when the Church body needs more energy (money) to survive, it must look to outside sources via fundraisers.


Not only does this send the wrong message to sinners, but it also creates an IRS issue. Fundraisers or income other than tithes and offerings are considered as Unrelated Business Income by the IRS and therefore is taxable income.


Most Churches have never filed the appropriate forms to report the Unrelated Business Income and this has them in violation of IRS regulations. God cannot and will not bless a mess.


There Is Help


If every Church could get the members and the Pastor tithing, there would never be a lack of resources to do Cod’s business. I feel that I must inject a caveat. Pastors, you should never tithe to your Church. You should always tithe to the ordaining body who issued your credentials. You must tithe up. Abraham did not pay tithe to himself, but to Melchizedek. Tithing to yourself (to the Church you pastor) is nothing more than robbing God. If you are a Pastor that tithes to the Church you oversee, you have cursed your Church and are hindering the blessing that God wants to afford to other tithers in your local assembly. Get your tithe out of your House and watch God bless it.


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Remember, for us it is “A Ministry—Not a Job!”