Your Church Government May Be Legal, But Not Biblical


Traveling across the nation, conducting Church Management Conferences and Wealth Training Seminars, I have noticed a disheartening trend among Churches. Churches across America struggle to stay afloat financially, and struggle to grow their attendance. This in turn has a trickle-down effect. Since the Church should be the most powerful entity on earth, we need to take a close look to determine the cause of this dilemma.


There must be some commonality among the Churches that could be the root cause. For many, I believe it is the Church Government that is in force in those local assemblies. Please understand that God does not bless a mess!


Legal Church Governments


Your Church Government should be one of the following:


  • Autocratic
  • Technocratic
  • Democratic
  • Theocratic


All four of the above mentioned forms are legally valid according to Section 501. However, just because the Government approves of them, does not mean that God does.


Any Church seeking an open heaven over their ministry must do things God’s way. God cannot and will not bless rebellion to his Word.


I have covered each of these in a previous post, so I will not waste space rehashing what has already been taught. What I do want to do is focus in on the two most prominent and determine where they stack up with what God says.





Right, but Still Wrong


Most Churches, with which I am familiar, fall under the Democratic form of Church Government. They are either, congregational ruled or Board governed. Although that is a legal form of Government, it is not Biblical.


Anything with two heads is a freak show. The head of the local Church (under Christ of course) is the Pastor. Neither the congregation, nor the Board qualifies as the head of Christ’s Church. Anytime a Board or congregation is ruling the Church, it is out of sync with God’s order. Anything out of God’s order is not in the flow of God’s blessings.


When congregations or Boards attempt to rule, it is the same as the children telling the parents what to do. Maybe this is why so many homes are unruly today—it carried over from the Church. I see kids all the time telling parents what they will and will not do, while the parents sit numb, looking dumb-founded.


When kids are in charge, nothing good happens. If you don’t believe it, ask your small children what they want for dinner and you will get responses like, “I want a hotdog. I want ice cream. I want cake and cookies.” When is the last time you have heard a small child say, “I really want some brussels sprout and broccoli?” If the child has his or her way, he or she is malnourished and easily diseased.


The same is true for the Church. When the spiritual children attempt to rule the spiritual fathers, the Church is malnourished and deformed.


God’s plan is that of a Theocracy. God does not speak to any part of the body, but the head—the Pastor. We see this in the first 8 – 10 verses of chapter 11 in the book of Numbers. Somewhere in each of those verses it declares, “And God spoke to Moses. . .,” or something similar. The Children of Israel brought God’s anger upon them when they tried to inform Moses that God spoke to them as well as him (Individuals can hear God’s voice for their personal lives, but when it comes to matters of the Church, only the head of that Church can hear). Aaron and Miriam also thought God would speak to them as well as to Moses. It cost Aaron dearly, and Miriam ended up with Leprosy.


Any Church that is democratically ruled is out of sync with God’s order and is not blessed by God. Therefore, it will struggle to gain attendance; it will struggle financially; and will struggle spiritually.

There is Help


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