Pastoring Unprepared


Guest Blogger: Dr. Ronnie Shaw



Upon entering the ministry many years ago, I felt the need to attend Bible College. After all, a Pastor should be prepared for the demands that ministry places upon us. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible, a Master’s Degree in Theology, and a PhD in Pastoral Counseling, you would think I would be prepared for ministry.


Unfortunately, most Pastors are in the same category. Bible College teaches all of the “ologies,” i.e. Angelology, Eschatology, Soteriology, etc. but not the things a Pastor needs. All of those are great, but Bible Colleges and Seminaries need to develop a class in “Pastorology.” Most Pastors leave Bible College to enter pulpits across America, but have no idea as to how to conduct a Board Meeting.


The Pastor as the CEO


The Pastor of a Church is automatically considered as the CEO of that organization, yet many have no clue what it entails. Not only do the Pastors have no clue, the Church Board will often withhold that power from him or her.


No, large business would think of voting in a CEO without vetting the credentials of the new officer. Yet, most new Pastors step into Pastoral positions unequipped to manage and operate a Church. For me, it was only after I was a Pastor for a week, that I realized the spiritual training I had received, was insufficient for day-to-day Church operation.  Church is about 10 % spiritual, and 90 % administration.


Pastors in these situations are then shaped by Board Members who usually have no clue as to the proper way to run a Church. The same irregularities that have been present in that Church for years, have now been implanted into this next level of Ministry via the Board to the new Pastor.





There is Help


If you are a Pastor that has not received proper legal and administrative training to operate the Church you Pastor, you need our help. We are the specialists in Church Management. We know things others do not know. It is not what you know that will hurt you—it is what you don’t know.


In our Church Management and Clergy Conferences, we keep Pastors and Church Leaders abreast of all of the new regulations and updates to keep the Church compliant. We also have the training to show Pastors how to properly conduct Board Meetings.


The question becomes, “Do you want to stay where you are—in administrative error, or do you want to get your Church in Government and administrative compliance?” Please understand that God does not bless a mess. The reason your Church struggles could be because your Church is out of order.


Every Pastor and Church Leader should contact us today to register for the next Church Management and Clergy Conference in a city nearest you. To register, please call 800-344-0076 or visit us at


For us, this is “A Ministry—Not a Job!”