Today, I want to part from my normal Blog format and just write a few words from my heart on being thankful.


Of the thousands of Churches that have closed and thousands of Pastors, Trustees, and Church Bookkeepers that have been indicted, all of them would probably gladly change places with those of you who have the opportunity to read this, because if you are reading this, you and your Church are most likely still open for ministry. Someone will have an opportunity this Sunday to enter your House of Worship and because of it may accept Christ as their Savior. That alone is much for which to be thankful.


The Scripture has much to say about the subject of giving of thanks and being thankful. So many, in our great nation, seem to place little importance on the need to be thankful, while some want to, but struggle with the act.


Sometimes Thanksgiving Is A Sacrifice


The Psalmist declared that we are to “sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving” (Psa. 107:22), while he declared that he himself would offer the “sacrifice of thanksgiving” (Psa. 116:17).


How do we offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving and why is it a sacrifice?


We offer this sacrifice with our voice (Jonah 2:9). Could this be why it is a sacrifice? For some reason people find two things to be difficult:



  • Saying they are sorrow 



For some reason we have developed the notion that it is a sign of weakness to apologize or acknowledge that we are wrong.


In our nation many are quick to cast blame, but very slow to accept it.


Being apologetic is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of respect for the feelings of others and the pain and damage we may have caused them because of our error.



  • Saying “Thank you” 



For some unknown reason the USA has bred a thankless generation. People think they are entitled to everything. We now live in an “Entitlement Society,” which causes people to feel as if everyone owes them something.


May I remind all of us, with as much love and compassion as I can muster, none of us are owed anything except what we have worked to obtain.  The Scripture teaches us that “the laborer is worthy of his hire.”

Anything given to any of us that we have not earned has been done so strictly at the mercy and kindness of someone else. Since we have not earned it, that means we should be thankful for it and should express our thankfulness with action – speaking it or otherwise.


For many this dictates that you swallow your pride. Pride is probably the major reason that we find it so hard to utter the words, “Thank you.” However, we would do well to remember that pride precedes a fall. Anyone who feels as if they are too good to say “please and thank you,” are setting themselves up to live the day when they will have to depend on someone for something. Remember, none of us are an island – we are a community.


Be Especially Thankful to Our Creator


God did not have to allow any of us to awaken today. He does not have to allow any of us to take another breath. We got out of bed today and are breathing simply because of a loving, merciful God.


He deserves our thanks and we should demonstrate that thanks with a grateful heart. Remember, God loves a cheerful giver, and even when it is a struggle to utter the words, we should offer up our thanks to Him cheerfully.


In Closing


On behalf of Chitwood and Chitwood, let me say thank you to God in Heaven for entrusting us with this ministry and the oversight of multiplied thousands of Churches all across America. Let me also say thank you, to every Pastor, Church Leader, Minister, and Church for allowing us the privilege to keep your financial records in order. Without you, there would be little need for us.


Thank You!