Huge Penalties If You File Late Tax Returns


Every year taxpayers, Churches, and especially Ministers, file tax returns late for a litany of reasons. Some are late because they are afraid of the amount of tax they must pay. Some blame their tax preparer for not completing the return in a timely manner. However, some file late because they simply forget. Regardless of the reason for the late return, the Internal Revenue Service assesses huge penalties to the taxpayer.


Expensive Error


The IRS charges magnanimous penalties for late filings of Ministry or individual returns. They can assess 25% in penalties for late filing and an additional 25% of the tax owed for late payment. All individual returns must be filed no later than April 15th unless an extension has been asked for and granted.


If you are hesitant to file because you dread the amount of taxes you must pay, does it really make sense to add an additional 50% to that amount?


Do not wait for the IRS to assess penalties. If you have been assessed penalties you need to contact us immediately at 800-344-0076. We can help.


Three “Magic” Words


Because of our expertise in Church and Clergy tax law we know three “magic” words that can very easily get all of your late filing and late payment penalties forgiven. Here is an example. If your penalty was $500.00, and we got it forgiven in 15 minutes, that is the equivalent of you being paid $2000 per hour in after tax dollars.


It pays all of us to remember that it is not what you know that will hurt you. It is what you do not know. God declared that His people were destroyed for lack of knowledge.


Even if the IRS has forgiven you for a previous penalty, there is a great possibility that we can have a penalty forgiven again. Taxpayers pay needless taxes, interest, and penalties, because they do not know Government language. We know how to talk the language!


Three Ways We Can Help


  1. We know the three “magic” words and how to use them for your advantage


When we contact the IRS on your behalf and utter these three words, the IRS will remove the penalties, if you have no other tax compliance issues.




  1. We know how to avoid penalties by citing a “reasonable cause”


The IRS will remove the penalties if it is properly explained why you did not file on time. Unfortunately, “just any excuse” will not be appropriate. Because you forgot, or your tax preparer dropped the ball, are not acceptable excuses.


We know three “reasonable causes” that the IRS will accept and know how to implore them on your behalf.


  1. We know how to avoid making serious mistakes when applying


If you attempt to do this without our assistance, you should take extreme caution. If you say the wrong thing to the IRS, they WILL NOT forgive the penalties.


In Closing


Why would anyone want to pay the IRS anymore than is absolutely necessary? This is where we can help. Chitwood and Chitwood has been the Premier Church and Minister Tax Consultant and Preparer for 77 years. Last year we prepared 31,000 Ministers’ tax returns, in addition to the more than 8000 Churches we represent, and did all on time, without penalty.


Because Chitwood and Chitwood is the expert in this field, we can get large or small penalties forgiven. We know how to not take no for an answer!


Why are you waiting? If you have been assessed penalties, or this year you do not want to take the chance, you need to contact us immediately at 800-344-0076. We can help.


For Chitwood and Chitwood it is “A Ministry – Not A Job!