Is How You Are Honoring Your Pastor Illegal?


In some Church circles, congregants go beyond Biblical and legal parameters in attempts to honor and bless their Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, etc. Much of the blame for this must be laid at the feet of the Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, etc. Some of these leaders have become extreme in their demand for non-Biblical honor and have often misused Scripture to support their claims.


While it is Biblical to properly honor the man or woman of God that shepherds the flock, if parishioners are not careful they will find themselves in the proverbial “jungles of Guyana, drinking poison cool-aid from a cup” (Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, 1978). Although, the members may not commit physical suicide as those of the People’s Temple, they could be committing non-profit status suicide or facing other legal issues.


This was the case of “Saints United Church Known Forever In Sanctified Heaven” (name changed to protect the Church).


The Church arranged for the Pastor’s travel to revivals and other speaking engagements and supported his personal campaign to be elected to the Office of Bishop of the Church. Because their activities inured to the Pastor’s benefit, they now fail to qualify for section 501 (c) (3).


A Church’s primary activities consist of preaching, revivals, Bible studies, worship services, and mission outreach/trips. The role of the Pastor by default makes him or her, the director/chairman of the Church.


Activities Must Not Inure to the Pastor’s Benefit


In the case of the above mentioned Congregation, the Church begins to arrange for their Pastor’s personal ministry travel and while at the speaking engagements his members are politic and make others aware of the fact that he is running for the office of Bishop. His Church has printed advertisements and has distributed campaign materials in support of their Pastor’s candidacy. The Church’s website even solicits donations for his campaign.


The Church had filed an application for exemption under section 501 (c) (3), but the Internal Revenue Service denied the exemption because the Church was operating a substantial non-exempt purpose for the benefit of a private party – the Pastor.


The IRS explained that the Pastor is a private individual since he has a personal and private interest in the Church’s activities. The Church’s support of the Pastor’s candidacy inured to his benefit because it was designed to help advance his career.


The IRS determined that the “Saints United Church Known Forever In Sanctified Heaven” failed the operational test under Regulation Section 1.501 (c) (3) – 1(a) (1). All donations to this ministry, past and present, are now deemed to be taxable and the members are in an uproar.


Why You Need Us Now!


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The Pastor and Board Members of a Church are good people who love God, but unfortunately know nothing about operating a Church within proper legal boundaries. What they propose and vote for may be acceptable to the Congregation, but what may be considered as a blessing by them, in actuality may be a legal curse to the Church and members.


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