Recent Supreme Court Ruling May Be a Blessing or a Curse


President Bush 41 established his Faith Based Initiatives during his tenure from 1989-1993. During that time a window opened for Churches to obtain federal grants as long as they were not issued in the name of the Church. For a Church to get a grant it had to develop an additional 501 (c) (3). This may change due to the Supreme Court Ruling of June 17, 2017.


In the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer, the Supreme Court ruled that the Church’s Child Learning Center could not be denied a grant from the State of Missouri solely on the fact that it was a Church operated entity. With this ruling, the door has seemly opened that would stop Churches from being denied federal grants simply because they are a religious entity.


Pros and Cons


How many Churches good successfully operate the ministry to which God has called them if they had the money? Most Churches I know want to have more community outreach, i.e. feeding programs, emergency clothing programs, training the youth in the importance of abstinence, ex-offenders programs, etc. Unfortunately, most Churches only survive Sunday to Sunday, with many of those resorting to fund-raisers to help pay the monthly bills or to engage in any “outside the walls” ministry.


This ruling has more than likely opened the door for Churches to obtain federal and state grant funds, possibly without forming an additional 501 (c) (3).


On the flip side of the coin, this may also open a door that most Churches would rather not see opened. With the release of federal and state funds to Churches, it is possible that we see a huge campaign form to push for taxation for non-profit entities, including Houses of Worship.


Churches and Ministers have enough difficulty obeying existing IRS regulations without an added burden of having to render taxes on tithes and offerings.


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The sinners are getting this money and promoting their agenda. Isn’t it time we even the playing field—or would your Church rather continue “frying chickens” to do ministry?