Tax Time Is Approaching –

Get All That Is Rightfully Yours


Now that the New Year has arrived, the tedious task of gathering necessary supporting documentation for our tax returns has moved to the forefront.


Every year members of the Clergy file inadequate returns that result in overpayment to the Internal Revenue Service or in some cases a refund that was wrongfully obtained. Over the years we have reviewed tens of thousands of Ministers’ tax returns that were self-completed or completed by one of the “tax return experts.” Of all we reviewed, we discovered that every return had overpaid by a substantial amount.


Why would anyone want to give the Government any more than required? The average tax payer already has to work until about July to cover all of the taxes he or she will pay within any given year. Is that not enough?


Ministers’ tax returns are improperly prepared because the Minister (if self-preparing) or the “tax return expert” does not know all of the unique facets that compile a properly prepared Minister’s return.


The Real Experts


Chitwood and Chitwood have an unprecedented 77 years of Church and Clergy tax experience. To work for us, our CPAs and tax attorneys must meet the most rigorous requirements that prove they can uphold the highest industry standards that we demand.


Last year we prepared more than 31,000 Clergy tax returns properly, and rejoiced as our clients realized a much larger refund than those who self-prepared or had the so-called “experts” complete the returns.


Our expertise led to the creation of our very own Clergy Professional Tax Organizer. This organizer has been designed to assist the Minister in the collection of information we will need to prepare your federal and state individual income tax returns. It contains items, expenses, deductions, and credits, in addition to questions that need to be answered that will guide us in the proper handling of each.


As the Oldest, Largest, and Most Respected Financial Services Firm for Ministers, Churches and non-profit Organizations, we leave nothing to chance. That is one of the reasons we are the best!


Questions to Consider


Is having a so-called local “expert,” a friend, or yourself complete your tax return worth you possibly loosing thousands to the IRS? Overpayment is not the only issue. If the return is prepared with errors it may result in additional taxes, plus huge penalties and interest. It all boils down to, “Who do you trust if the IRS chooses to audit you and your return?” Because of our expertise, WE DON’T LOSE!


In Closing


The only difference between successful people and those who are not, are the choices each make. Successful people make wise choices.


The wisest choice concerning your Clergy Personal Income Tax Return is to place it in the hands of Chitwood and Chitwood. If you are reading this and have not as yet done so, you need to contact us immediately for your personal Minister’s Official Income Tax Guide by calling 800-344-0076, or visiting our products page at and then retain our services.


We have successfully obtained larger returns for others and it is highly possible we can for you.


Remember for Chitwood and Chitwood this is “A Ministry – Not A Job!”