We Won – For Now


In an earlier Blog I iterated just how much Churches and other non-profit organizations depend upon donations from members and generous citizens to further their tax-exempt purpose. Churches depend upon the tithes and offerings that are received during their regularly scheduled worship services to pay the bills, including salaries, and provide necessary funds for outreach ministry.


In that Blog I shared the plan from the IRS to start asking for Social Security numbers if donations were to be considered tax deductible. This did not catch Chitwood & Chitwood by surprise. We have known for years it was coming. During that time we have been fighting diligently to thwart the efforts of the IRS in this matter.


They backed off their original intent to make it mandatory and floated the idea of voluntary compliance. We fought this as well and enlisted your help, and the help of other ministries throughout the USA.


We Won


The IRS just released a statement this week that they are shelving the idea and will not seek for the Churches to obtain donors’ Social Security Numbers. Churches and donors across the USA can briefly celebrate this victory.


In gratitude for God helping us in this endeavor, every Church in America should remind its members and attendees that with God’s help we have stopped “Goliath.” Every Church attendee should give a significant offering to their local Church, in thanksgiving for the Lord’s help with this victory.


No Time to Rest


Sometimes when we experience victories, personal or spiritual, we have the tendency to let down our guard. When this happens, the devil will blindside us with another attack.


I sincerely believe the IRS was testing the mood of donors across this great nation. They needed to discover at what point donors would speak out. Trust me, this issue has not died. It has merely been postponed in the thoughts of the IRS.


At another time, they will attempt to introduce this again. After a few attempts, donors will become numbed to the threat, not speak out, and it will become law.


Regardless of what some may tell you, there is a huge attack on Christianity in this nation. Everything short of court orders to bar our doors is transpiring. This is not time to be lackadaisical. We must be more vigilant than ever concerning our Constitutional freedom to practice our faith. If not, we may not be able to thwart the next government order that is released upon Christian Churches.


You Can Count on Us


Chitwood & Chitwood has been in the trenches for Churches for more than 77 years. It is our ministry to be the “Watchman on the wall” who sounds the alarm.


Our clients know the diligence and tenacity we invest to protect them and their ministries. For those that are not Chitwood & Chitwood clients, for what are you waiting? Let us protect you and your Church from the long arm of the IRS.


I encourage each of you to visit www.cmtc.org or call 800-344-0076 and register for a Church Management Tax Conference in the city nearest you.


Now that the IRS has determined to randomly audit thousands of Churches, you cannot afford to be caught without proper Clergy and Church Representation. Whoever is doing your books now, whether a dear saint in the Church, a friend, or a local CPA, they have no clue as to how to properly protect the Church against the reach of the IRS. WE DO!


As 2016 begins, you cannot afford to wait another day!


We are here for you. Remember, for us it is “A Ministry – Not A Job!”